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CONTENTS, Northern Rose Gardens

*****@ In the northernmost island of Japan, Hokkaido, there are some precious rose gardens.
Though Chizaki Rose Garden in Sapporo is famous in Hokkaido, there are still more rose gardens
in the northern areas far from Sapporo.
It is amazing to see roses in the cooler air in the northernmost areas in Japan.
As the climate of Hokkaido is very severe (minus 30 degrees centigrade
at the coldest), it is very hard to keep roses in winter.
They manage to grow roses with each unique idea.

* Northern Rose Gardens *
Raubritter in Haboro
* Chippubetsu *

Rose Garden Chippubetsu

Roses of Rose Garden Chippubetsu
Well-designed rose garden, located on the hill in the country side.
* Haboro *

Haboro Rose Garden

Roses of Haboro Rose Garden
So many pink cupped flowers of Raubritter are awaiting you !