Haboro Rose Garden

Route 232
Next to Road station "Hot Haboro"
Kita 3-jo, Haboro-cho, Hokkaido, Japan

Rose season: July
Admission free

2000 rose trees of 334 varieties

***** Haboro Rose Garden is actually the northernmost rose garden in Japan.
It is so amazing that there is a rose garden here along the northern seaside,
and everyone must admire the well-coordinated beauty of the garden.
You can see not only modern roses but also old roses
and so many Raubritters.
This rose garden is worth while visiting just to see Raubritter,
whose trusses of little cupped flowers are loved by many women.
I was also so impressed to see them heavily laden with crab apple like flowers.*****

Raubritter, Kordes, Germany, 1936

Raubritter garden is farther on in. You can see their clear-pink flowers from far away.
Their cupped flowers are so cute!
They bloom a little later than other roses.

Bobbie James, Sunningdale Nurseries, UK, 1960

Bobbie James is a white climbing rose.

New Dawn, Dreer, USA, 1930

Pink climbing roses are New Dawn.
It is very healthy and tough though it looks so gentle.
They were planted here and there in Hokkaido in the early 20th century.

Haboro Rose Garden

In the middle of July in full bloom.
There is an old rose garden
on the left of the watercourse.
Old roses bloom at the beginning of July.

Guide sign plate at the entrance

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