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July 22, 2009  

***** On the day we expected the total solar eclipse, it was cloudy, sometimes rainy. We didn't even know where the Sun existed in the sky! However, just before the total eclipse began, we could finally identify the Sun between the floating clouds. It was a miracle! It was actually dramatic, since after we enjoyed a clear view of the solar corona for a few minutes and the total solar eclipse finished, the Sun disappeared behind the cloud again. We experienced a fantastic solar show at Wuzhen in China.*****

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Just before the
total solar eclipse
Total solar eclipse
The solar
The solar
Large diamond
Just after the
third contact
----- Provided by the
  members of the tour
Diamond ring of
the second contact
Diamond ring of
the third contact

Masaki's images -----
A large image
of Prominence!

Solar eclipse

Located two hours and a half southwestward drive
from Shanghai, the agricultural park in Wuzhen
was a good place to watch the solar eclipse.

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It was cloudy
Sometimes raining
Under the gazebo
Feeling resigned
Family watchers
under the rain
Chattering to
pass the time
under the cloud

under the rain cover.
Weeding(?) to
kill time
A group from Korea
across the lake
The Sun appears
just before the
total eclipse!
Satisfied after seeing
the total eclipse

In memory of the
Miraculous solar eclipse
Shared the wonderful,
dramatic time together!

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