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***** November 19, 2001, Leonids Meteor Shower
from 2:00a.m. to 3:00a.m., at Oiwake in Hokkaido, Japan

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* Three meteors from the Schythe of Leo

All Leonids come from around the center of the Schythe of Leo.
Orion and Leonids (Time of exposure: 3 min.)

You can see Orion's belt and small three stars, too. A long shooting star around the small three stars of Orion.
* Orion and a meteor

A meteor around Orion's belt
* The Schythe of Leo and a meteor (Time of exposure: 4 min.)
* Leo coming up from the forest in the east. (Time of exposure: 9 min.)

You can see the small shooting star at the center on the right.

* Canis Minor and Cancer (Time of exposure: 5 min.)

With a very small shooting star, at the center on the lower part.

* Two meteors coming from the Schythe of Leo

We could see 3-5 meteors at the same time in the sky, but it was difficult to take a photo with several meteors in one picture. The Hokkaido newspaper took a picture with 10 meteors at the same time. How nice!

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