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*** List of Natural sprays
*** List of Companion plants

*** I have been trying to make an organic garden since I began gardening in my garden.
Basically organic gardening is not an easy task. We need much time and energy as much as love to the plants.
As for the roses susceptible to pests and diseases, we need not only the above things but also some more natural sprays.

*** I'll explain Natural sprays in the above list. Those are Natural sprays I actually use, but please pay special attention to the followings.

! Whatever spray you must spray once a week !
! You must spray soon just after you make it because the effect does not last long !
! Some Natural sprays are so poisonous like tobbacco spray which I don't use. You must know the characteristics of the spray !
! You cannot control pests and diseases completely with Natural sprays !

There are still some black spots and powdery mildew, but not so much.

*** Still I think it is worth trying! As we love roses so much, we are eager to try everything we can do.

*** I'll explain about Companion plants in another list.
To grow special plants together with roses, it improves the health of roses! It is also worth trying!

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