'Mikatayae' looks like a firework. So flamboyant and brilliant until the end of blooming.
Hydrandea Garden 2021
Hydrangea Bouquet

Hydrangea serratta 'Maiko'

 I use the dried hydrangea to make wreaths after I finish the preparation for the snow.
It's my happiest time!
 'Maiko' is also one of the tea ceremony hydrangeas. It has a real hydrangea blue flower, which is smaller than others.
Even in late autumn the hydrangea blue color still remains on the tree.

 This year at the end of July I cut the flowers of hydrangea in order to grow shoots during the season. The flowers were still so beautiful, so I tried to make them dry in many ways, hanging them in the well aired place and trying the dry-in-water method:putting them in the vase with little water.
 However, almost every flower faded and their color changed into brown because of the August heat.

 I know the color of the hydrangea flowers, which are left on the trees as they are exposed to the cold wind, always remains well in late autumn. After all nature is the best to make dried hydrangea!
 I love hydrangea. After the late blooming roses, hydrangea begins to bloom in my garden.Their pale blue and soft pink colors change into deep blue and crimson. Each scene of hydrangea excites me so much.

 This year I cut the flowers earlier in summer in order to grow shoots for the next year.
I arranged some flowers in the vases and hung others in the gardenshed to make them dry. Unfortunately the dried hydrangea making was almost unsuccessful, please look! They look like a wedding bouquet! I enjoyed arrangement, so it's o.k.

Hydrangea serratta 'Iyatemari'

Hydrangea serratta 'Fujinotaki'

Hydrangea Wreath

Hydrangea serratta 'Amacha'

Hydrangea serratta 'Kurenai'

Hydrangea serratta 'Mikatayae'

 In November, the flowers which are left on the hydrangea trees are dried, keeping the blue color as they are.
 Behind the wreath, there are roses tied and covered to prevent from the snow and the coldness. Can you see?
Winter will come soon.

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 Deinanthe Bifida came to my garden as a gift from my guests.
Basically it's native to Japan.
In my garden I planted it in the shade. In late summer the silver white flower blooms like the flower in the deep high mountains.
 'Amacha' means sweet tea. In Japan we make a tea from the leaves of 'Amacha' to celebrate Buddha's birthday, though I have never tried. In my garden I grow 'Amacha' just as a garden flower.

Deinanthe Bifida

 The color of the real 'Tosasuzukaze' is pale blue, however, it's pink in my garden.
I added peat moss, which is said good to change the hydrangea color into blue, again and again. After all my Tosasuzukaze changed into gray!! I have another 'Pink Tosasuzukaze' and I won't add peat moss any more.

Hydrangea serratta 'Tosasuzukaze'

 'Iya-temari' is another tea ceremony hydrangea I bought from Takii.
Temari means a Japanese traditional ball.The pure white globular shape is very cute both in the sunny place and in the shade area.
 I forgot and remembered Hydrangea 'Kurenai' came to my garden as one of tea ceremony hydrangeas, too. It was a key flower I fell in love with hydrangeas.
 The pure white flower changes into blushing and crimson.
It's a real wonder!
 I've got this hydrangea as one of the tea ceremony hydrangeas, too. The name, Momobana, means pink flower. So simple!
 Very cute and lovely pink flowers in the shade garden.
 The leaf of Hydrangea 'Kujusan' is variegated, so without flowers it's a good garden plant to arrange in the shade area.
With flowers! Wow! It's a sky blue flower!
Yellow leaves:Hakonechloa macra 'All Gold'.

Hydrangea serratta 'Kujusan'

Hydrangea serratta 'Momobana'

 Hydrangea 'Fujinotaki' plays an important role as a wedding bouquet in the arrangement above.
The pure white color chages into blushing at last like the blushing bride.
 Hydrangea serratta 'Kurohime' is one of the hydrangeas I bought from Takii (a Japanese nursery) as a set of tea ceremony flowers.
 The deep blue color is the essential hydrangea color, I think. It's so fascinating.

Hydrangea serratta'Kurohime'

Hydrangea garden