The troublesome character:sucker

 Sucker is the underground stem or root of the rose. It grows far away from the original rose, and it sucks the nutrients.

It grows after several years when you planted the rose. Not every rose has the character. It depends on the varieties. Some English rose have the characteristic of sucker:Not only Harlow Carr, but also Constance Spry has the characteristic of sucker.
 Rosa Rugosa and other rosa species also extend the underground root.

 I dig the ground to 50 cm in depth around the rose bush, and bury the weed protect sheet in order to prevent the underground root from extending. Sometimes the root extends through the space, and suddenly the fresh shoot grows far away from the main bush!
Now you understand my trouble:sucker.

However, those roses are especially pretty.

As an easy way to prevent the damage, you must remove suckers whenever you find them. Just cut and remove! It's a simple and best way against suckers.
You must patrol the garden almost everyday if possible!!! Oh, no!

 Center purple color fades into white at the edge of the flower. How beautiful! It reminds me of a Japanese sweet:Shaved ice with raspberry or blueberry saurce over the top.

 Once flowering. When the chic purple red flowers are in full bloom, the west border garden becomes the best season.
 Bright purple color matches well with other pink roses and white roses.

 70 cm in height. One day you notice 70 cm high bushes grow here and there even far away from the main bush.
What do you think about such character?
However, it's so pretty!

 When I began gardening 30 year ago, it was difficult to find old roses in Japan. I found this rose at the nursery of herbs. Oh, I understood old roses were herbs! Actually this rose is very very old.

 Once flowering rose. Flowers in profusion, so the bush looks like a bouquet. Semi double flower. Fragrant. Light green foliage. 120cm in height.

 Though Celsiana is very lovely, it has the troublesome character.
 Celsiana was the first rose I noticed the character and I suffered a lot.

 In order to prevent it, I dig a hole of 50 cm in depth around the tree and bury the weed control sheet around the bush.
 Now you understand the 'character'?

 I got this rose from my neighbor some years ago as an unknown rose. Mystery rose in Kitahiroshima!

 I tried to find the same rose to identify it in the rose gardens here and there. Some roses had similar flowers and leaves. However, the big difference was that they didn't have the 'troublesome character.'

Last year again I found the similar rose in the Iwamizawa rose garden. I hopefully looked at the base of the tree. Wow! It had the same character!

 The bud shape with irregular petals was so similar! At last I could find the same rose!


Paul's Himalayan Musk

 The soft color of Lichfield Angel matches well with any color in the garden. As a bouquet, it is very useful.

 Every visitor who notices the rose asks me the name of the rose. It's not easy to answer soon, since the name itself is difficult to remember. It is the only weak point???
Now you remember the name!

The rose named after the stone carving Angel discovered in 2003 at Lichfield Cathedral in England.

 Comte de Chambord is most popular rose.
Do you know I have it?

 The reason I could not show you the rose is because it was planted next to President de Seze.
 That is, it became weak encroached byPresident de Seze. How many times I thought it disappeared!
 The flower is so similar to President de Seze. The deep pink center is fading white at the edge of the flower. So I could not identify which is which soon.
 In this season, I could identify the healty beautiful flowers of them at last.

 Lichfield Angel has very charming white flower with soft apricot tint. How graceful!

 It blooms hanging down, so I cannot take good pictures.

 However, I took many pictures in this season. Please look! She is a star!
The center rose of the top pictures of this site is Lichfield Angel.

 It is very healthy. Tolerant of the disease and the coldness. Few prickles. 1 m in height.

Alba Maxima

Gloire de France


 Celestial has alba-like grayish green foliage. Small round soft pink flower. When I was looking for the good rose to prevent the garden shed from the afternoon sun, Celestial flashed into my mind. It was with Celestial that I was impressed in the famous private garden near here, which was broadcasted on the gardening program of NHK BS.

Baby pink flower. Once flowering. 150 cm in height. Good for preventing the afternoon sun.
However, this year I noticed the character!
Now you understand it. It extended the underground stem, sucker!

Gallica (Pre-1750)

President de Seze

The front rose is Eustacia Vye. It blooms beautifully every year. It reminds me of the beautiful tragic heroine of the Return of the Native by Thomas Hardy. My favorite novel!

ER Wisley 2008

Center garden area

The petals of The Generous Gardener overlap each other loosely. So elegant!

It blooms in the morning and falls in the evening. Short-lived flower!

Though usually I could not take good pictures, I tried this season!

Damask (Pre-1750)


 I got Gloire de France from my neighbor. I saw another garden where Gloire de France was reproducing itself near the neighbor's house.
Gloire de France is glorious in this area!

 You too, Harlow Carr!
I exclaimed this year when I noticed the Character. I planted this 5 years ago.

 The new shoot grew suddenly 1 m away from the original bush. It had many bristles and prickles. Yes, it was Harlow Carr!

If it's Harlow Carr, I permit. You understand my feeling, don't you?
Little pink flowers bloom well in profusion. Very fragrant.

Repeat flowering. 80 cm in height.
How cute and lovely! I permit anything of Harlow Carr.

 David Austin's English rose is trustworthy in my garden. I think the climate of Kitahiroshima and England is similar. English roses grow much taller than the height of the catalog in Honshu areas in Japan, but here in Kitahiroshima, they grow according to the catalog. Also torelant of the winter coldness.

So I selected The Generous Gardener as the climbing rose on the pergola.

The Generous Gardener

ER 2002

Gallica (Bizard 1828)

Gloire de France

 I will introduce the roses which I have not shown here yet. There were several reasons why I haven't. Some roses were too new and young to take a photo of the flowers. Other roses were late blooming, so I couldn't take good photos in the best season. However, I tried to take photos of them in this season. Why? They are really cute and pretty this year!
 Some of them were the roses which I had planted as the first old roses in my garden long time ago, so I got used to their being. Wow!
One more reason. Though I knew they were pretty, they had a troublesome character, so I passed them without taking photos positively.
Oh! What character? I will tell you later after I show you those pretty roses.

ER Eustacia Vye

Garden shed area

President de Seze



Ghislaine de Feligonde

Paul's Himalayan Musk

ER 2006

Lichfield Angel

Portland (Moreau-Robert, France 1863)

Comte de Chambord
My garden 2023

On the left under the Wall arch is ER Wisley 2008 with milky purple Clamatis durandii 'Milky Way'. Their collaboration is so nice, so I put the pot of ER Wisley 2008 in this area every year.

Guillot 2009

At the entrance area Paul's Himalayan Musk is blooming prosperously.

On the left along the old rose path Alba Maxima bloomed from the beginning to the end of the season. It is basically the early blooming rose. Strangely enough!

Forget me not! It may think.
I will not, of course! It was the first old rose I planted in my garden.

Entrance area

 Once flowering old rose. Soft pink flowers are very fragrant. It has so many petals, so you cannot even see the button eye at the center. Bright green foliage. Soft bristles. 60 cm in height.

To the Pergola area

 I'll introduce the roses which I haven't shown here so far. They don't have the characterictis of sucher. Happy news!

 As I haven't show them so much in my site, you may be surprised to see them in my garden. Some roses are too familiar to me, since I planted them as old roses for the first time at the beginning of my garden and I got used to them.
However, again I suddenly noticed their lovely flowers in the season.

ER Shropshire Lass

In the center of the garden, there is a circle stone area with the symbol tree Ilex macropoda.

On the left is the East arch with Paul's Himalayan Musk.
The arch on the photo below is not the East arch but 'the Wall arch' as it were, which my husband made training Paul's Himalayan Musk on the wall. It grows well, so another arch may appear in future!


 Laduree is the famous macaron patisserie in France.
The rose Laduree has the same framboise color of the macaron.

I planted Laduree in the pot. The bright clolor fades into soft cherry pink, matching the raspberry color of the buds. What an elegant and brilliant French rose it is!

Repeat flowering. Healthy rose. 
As I grow this in the pot, my Laduree doesn't have so many flowers.

On the right side of the garden shed is the obelisk of ER Shropshire Lass.
The collaboration with Clematis 'Fujumusume'was the photo used as the frontispiece of my debut site in 1998.

 Can you idenfy which rose is Comte de Chambord and which one is President de Seze?

 Far from it, this year I noticed suddenly that the center rose with soft pink buds is Celestial!
 Do you understand there are 3 kinds of roses in this rose bush on the photo?

 Among 3 roses, only Comte de Chambord is a repeat flowering, so I could identify it in autumn. I cleared other roses around it so that it may grow healthily.

ER 2004

Harlow Carr

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How beautiful!
I cannot ignore it...