Look! The petals overlap each other beautifully! The perfect pink color, not so flamboyant, not so fading. It's a fragrant, abundant and perfect rose!
The only weak point:It blooms looking down. It's difficult to take a photo of them.
In the west main garden, Fantin-Latour bloomed abundantly, too!
I love everything of Fantin-Latour, the shape, color, fragrance.
At the beginning of the rose season I pick the first flowers early in the morning to make the rose sorbet for my garden guests.
As a welcome rose of the garden shed, Ghislaine de Feligonde became so nice and gourgeous. The flower blooms in apricot color at the beginning, and in fading white at the end. Apricot and white mix each other so beautifully. Repeat flowering. A recommendable rose!

Rosa 'Gunsei'

Sambucus nigra 'Black Lace’is a good companion plant with Rose-Marie Viaud.
The bronze color leaf and white lace flower are so chic! I planted it last year and it grew so well even in the shade garden.
Clematis 'Mrs. T Lundell' is a new face.
It looks nice here with myriads of soft purple flowers.
Garden shed area
My garden     2020
My south garden doesn't get a lot of sunshine, so it's a shade garden.
However, Rose-Marie Viaud is recommendable in the shade garden. The violet color looks elegant. The little purple flowers are so cute!
The most abundant rose was Paul's Himalayan Musk in the 2020 season in my garden. It blooms well on the east arch every year. This year, however, it was climbing toward the veranda on the second floor and was blooming abundantly like the fall! There was full of the musk fragrance here and there. The blushing white flowers were like cherry blossoms.
I chose Swany at first sight in the rose catalogue. It is very hardy in winter. It blooms repeatedly till the late of autumn.
A little thorny. However, it's so elegant like the wedding bouquet.
Please look at the rose 'Swany'!
I wanted to grow a falling rose here in the west border and I chose Swany. It's a late blooming rose, so it blooms together with west herbs. The white color looks nice with the vivid herb color.
The garden in front of the garden shed was a kitchen garden. It changed little by little into the rose garden. Why? You know the reason if you like roses.
Roses grow here in the west garden better than the south garden, because my south garden doesn't get a lot of sunshine.
The above flowers were displayed on the front page of my old site, which won the Home Page Magazine Prize in 1998. The single apricot white flower is ER Shropshire Lass. The soft purple flower is Clematis 'Fujimusume'.
ER Olivia Rose Austin is a new face in my garden. It bloomed so nicely at the center circle garden. How lovely she is! I love the frilled petal and soft pink color!
The most charming rose for me in the season!
Especially for us, people in the northern provinces, Rosa 'Gunsei' is a very good rose to grow because it's healthy and hardy.
It's good to use it as a climbing rose, since it's cool even in summer in Kitahiroshima where most climbing roses don't grow well. I planted them not only here on the east arch but beside the garden shed and on the trellis.
They look nice together with the pink flower, Filipendula purpurea.

Rosa 'Gunsei'

The second season of the sawing machine area.
It looks nice with the red and bronze color flowers. Laura Ashley is a good ornament rose here this year, too.
In the 2020 season the roses bloom as if they were falling. I have never seen roses blooming like this in my garden before! Here in Kitahiroshima, Hokkaido, it is cool even in summer. Roses grow slowly, and the buds sometimes get the serious damage by the late frost.
 The year of 2020 was also the covid 19 year. So I did not expect anything, any guests and beautiful flowers. However, how lucky I was! Roses bloomed abundantly and rose guests visited my garden continuously.
 Yes! The year of 2020 was a brimming rose year!
Sambucus nigra 'Black Lace'
Garden shed area


Rosa 'Gunsei' was bred in Japan. The name Gunsei means the myriads of stars in Japanese.
It actually bloomed like the myriads of stars in this season. The blushing buds and the pure white flowers looked like the twinkling stars.
The tip of the bud is blushing. It's so beautiful together with apricot and white flowers.
I planted it on the north area, however, it grew well, wide and big! Excellent rose!
How lovely!
Rosa 'Gunsei'
The east main garden is the garden of old roses. A path goes across the old rose garden. On the left, the purple red flowers are William Lobb. On the right, the tie-dyed flowers are Variegata de Bologna.
The welcome rose at the entrance is ER Mortimer Sackler.

Laura Ashley

Center Circle Garden

West Border

Pink:Laura Ashley

Red:ER Tess of the d'Urbervilles

ER Shropshire Lass

Clematis 'Fujimusume'

Pink:ER Mortimer Sackler

Yellow:ER Teasing Georgia

Clematis viticella
'Mrs. T Lundell'

South wall

Ghislaine de Feligonde

ER Olivia Rose Austin

Rose-Marie Viaud

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Ghislaine de Feligonde

Anne-Maria de Montravel

At the feet of Fantin-Latour, the tall white flower is an unspotted foxglove. The white lace flower is Orlaya.
The little white rose is Anne-Maria de Montravel, which is loved by many women all over the world.

ER Mortimer Sackler

Old rose path

William Lobb

Variegata de Bologna


Rosa 'Gunsei'and
Filipendula purpurea

Rosa 'Gunsei'

How cute they are! They are blooming as if they were sure of their beauty!
Sawing machine area
West Garden
Paul's Himalayan Musk

Paul's Himalayan Musk

ER Lady of Shalott

Paul's Himalayan Musk

ER Teasing Georgia