At the entrance, there are Clematis durandii, and ER 'Motimer Sackler'. They are welcome flowers as well as farewell flowers. It seems they hope the guests will come again!

My Garden 2018

    My Garden Party!

 I hold a garden party at my house in the best rose season every year. I feel very happy to have guests in my garden seeing roses, talking about gardening, and having tea with them together!
 I prepare for the day, baking many cakes and making the rose shervet. Though it takes me several days to prepare, I enjoy the preparation very much.
 Roses are waiting for the day, too! In July everyday I ask them not to bloom fully until the garden party. I also ask the weather to be fine on the day!
I don't know the weather grants my request or not, it had been almost fine for 20 years! Roses also comply with my wish! I can have my guests in the best condition of my garden at the garden party in July.

Garden shed area

The center circle garden was made 3 years ago. It adapted itself to the surroundings. A little European, a little Japanese style garden seems match with each other, I think.
In the center of the circle, there is the symbol tree, Ilex macropoda Miq.


Guests come irregularly. Though each of them is a stranger at first, they become friendly with each other, talking about the roses and asking about the flowers and gardening. They have the common taste: the garden!

Garden party

 At lunch time in the season, I sometimes make the pizza and quiche with rockets, which I grow in my kitchen garden. They are easy to prepare for the sudden guests.

Ghislaine de Feligonde

 Among the roses in this season, let me introduce the specialties!
There are roses which suddenly attract attention after the long quiet years.
I don't know the real reason. It may depend on the maturity of the tree, the environmental adaptation, the matching with companion plants, etc.
One day, it attracts my attention. How charming! How beautiful!They appeal to me so much!

 I make the rose sorbet and bake many cakes several days before the garden party.
 During the days of the preparation, I am so busy because of the sudden guests in the rose season.
It's O.K. since I can enjoy the time together with the guests over the easy making quiche or pizza with rockets in my garden and fresh summer vegetables.

Making of the rose shervet. As for the recipe, please refer to the Rose shervet, Cooking of my site. Put for two days in the casserole. After the fragrance and colors are transferred to the syrup, strain and make shervet. I like the work, choosing the good rose for shervet in the morning and washing the petals one by one. Very very happy time surrounded by the rose fragrance.

Making of the Rose shervet

 I painted the bicycle wheels in black, which were the ones in silver of my husband's old bicycle and he kept them by the side of the house for a long time. I decorate them on the east and west wall of the shed.
Doesn't it look nice with a hanging basket?

I arrange the roses in the garden shed.
I cut roses from behind, since the front roses are important for the garden to look nice espacially on the day!
If the flowers of the dead-headed are still nice to see, they are useful on the shallow flower bowl.
Those are happy works.!
The joyful garden party has already begun in my mind.

 I decorate the blue flowers of Borage on the Taut au poires.
 In the cold tea pot, I put the mint leaves for the fragrance.

It must be warm for the guests in the garden, so I prepare the cold drinks.

West English rose garden

 English roses, especially yellow English roses are in the west side garden. It's a yellow garden. Clematis 'Jenny Caddick' isn't yellow, however, its purple red color matches well here!

 Alchemist is one of the first old roses in my garden. I bought this from Peter Beales, England 20 more years ago
After the new carport was built 3 years ago, I tied it to the carport. It seems Alchemist likes the place very much! It has so many flowers and blooms very healthy!

Summer vegetable quiche with rocket

 Every year I hold a garden party in the second week of July. Though it is sometimes a season of a little early blooming or sometimes a little late blooming, roses are blooming nicely anyway at the time. Early in the morning I do the dead-heading, cut and arrange the flowers on the table and in the shed. Then I finish the setting preparing two kinds of cakes and cold tea.  

 The garden shed which was made by my husband became symbol of my garden. When asked, ''Which is your house?," I answer "There is a garden shed with bicycle wheels on the wall in my garden. That's my house." And everyone understands.
 How to decorate the shed with flowers? It's my problem. Every year I try and try. This year my trial seems a little bit nice with Rosa 'Gunsei' and the hanging basket. It always depends on the condition of the weather.

At the east side of the shed, there is 'Ghislaine de Feligonde.' It's a northside garden of my house. Very cold area.
So I was afraid it might not grow well. However, after 3 years it blooms well and beautifully.
Very healthy and lovely rose!

 How is my garden on the day of the garden party!?
The fresh July season of Hokkaido grants my request. It becomes a perfect day!
Roses are perfect and the weather is perfect! It's good for the guests, of course! Seeing the garden in the best season is a treat to them!

 The front side of the garden shed is the west side garden of my house.There are many English roses blooming in the season. English roses fit well with natural flowers and herbs.

 The white rose is Rosa 'Gunsei.' Planting roses directly on the ground by the shed is prohibited by my husband because he thinks the rose root may cause damage to the shed. So I plant Gunsei in the barrel type pot. Sometimes it blooms well, but sometimes it doesn't. This season it blooms so beautifully!


Paul's Himarayan Musk and Allium giganteum

Motimer Sackler and Clematis durandii

Clematis 'Jenny Caddick'

ER Teasing Georgia

ER Sweet Juliet

ER Sweet Juliet

West Herb garden

Path to the Garden shed

ER Gentle Hermione

 The northside garden beside the garden shed is the border garden of herbs. Not only herbs but there are some roses. Ballerina is very cute and lovely with single pink flowers blooming in spring and autumn.


 How colorful and abundant! It has an old rose fragrance, quartered rosette shape.
Actually Alchemist rose blooms like an alchemist.

 Everyone loves My Granny as soon as he/she sees the gentle color of the rose.
The fragrance is so slight, however, everything besides the fragrance is perfect!
It grows well even in the cold area like Hokkaido, my area.

My Granny (The Faun)

 It has many names:My Granny, The Faun, The Fawn. My Granny was introduced by Olesen, Denmark. I don't know why it has so many names, however, I suggest the reason. It is so cute, healthy, easy to grow. The rose spread rapidly with the familiar name in the country.
Look! How cute and soft!

 Together with the white flowers of Gillenia trifoliata, the rose red color of England's Rose are so beautiful.
 Flowers seem so natural blooming in abundance.

 ER 'England's Rose is one of those charming roses.
I had a great expectation at first because it was named after England. The flowers were smaller and the tree was more compact than I expect. However, look! How wonderful they bloom this year!

ER 'England's Rose'

East arch area

Center circle garden

West pergola garden

Pizza with rocket

 I bake the Tart au poires every year. My special is the Grand Marnier as a fragrant liqueur. Unbaked sweets seem not good for the garden party, but I think the baked and juicy Tart au poires is nice and delicious for the guests.

Tart au poires

It's not a rose cake but a rose geranium fruit cake!
It has a little rose flavour. My guests seem to enjoy the fragrance.

Fruit cake with leaves of the rose geranium on the top

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