My Garden 2014

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 The deep pink rose is President de Seze. The bluish magenta pink graduates from the center to the edge. Very impressive rose even at a distance.
 The soft apricot pink rose on the right is ER Gentle Hermione. Elegant cupped flower, very healthy. Continuous flowering.
 Under the roses, there are geranium (pink), lavender, and ram's ear. I planted romantic color flowers in the west border garden. My favorite color!

West Kitchen Garden
Garden 2014

This new little flower bed was created by paving the watering place area with red bricks.

 Under 'Gunsei' there is Reine des Violettes.
Mr. Peter Beales wrote in his book 'Roses' "If I had to choose just one Hybrid Perpetual, it would have to be this one."
It's so cute with elegant purple color.

 Together with apricot Foxglove. 

 Last year I planted some new roses, however, I had to pinch almost all the buds except one or two in order to grow rose trees. (I had learned the way from some rose expert.) So, I can enjoy the flowers to my heart's content this year! Actually how wonderful they are blooming! Every rose is so charming, since I bought them carefully examining and selecting one by one among the roses in the catalogue.
 For the roses, I made rose walks here and there in my garden. Please enjoy my new garden areas.

 Potted roses on the terrace bloom well in this season.
 The very little pink rose is
'Yumeotome,' dreaming girl  in Japanese. The red rose is
ER Tess of the d'Urbervilles.

 The west border garden gets a lot of sunshine much more than anywhere in my garden.
Roses in the west garden grow well and bloom well. All of the roses in the west garden are my favorite. Most of them are old roses which bloom once in a seaon, so, the blooming season is special for me.

West Border Garden

 I also made a new brick walk in the south garden of my house. Here is another little flower bed.
Princess Alexandra of Kent is very suitable for this area. Bright color, elegant flower shape. How lovely!

 This tall pink flower is Eremurus 'Orange Pink' (Foxtail Lily).
The orange pink flower like sparks is very impressive. I'm happy to know it passed the winter even in Hokkaido, the Northern most island of Japan, though it is said it will disappear a few years later.

 It matches well with the white foxglove and Allium Giganteum.


 The white rose, Sombreil.
The multiple layer of the pure white petals seems so noble.

 West kitchen garden in front of the gardenshed.
I made the brick walk here, too and planted new roses.

ER Harlow Carr
is a pretty, fragrant and healthy rose.
I bought this rose in memory of my visiting Harlow Carr in 2012, which is the northern garden in England. I thought the climate was similar to Hokkaido and this rose was suitable for my garden. It's true!

Mortimer Sackler
Slender Climbing rose of David Austin without prickles. Very delicate figure with thin leaves and cute baby pink flowers. Middle height. Repeat flowering. Very healty and tolerant of cold. My most favorite rose now!

Gardenshed front garden

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Laduree is very graceful and gorgeous. It looks delicious just like its famous macaron. The beauty of this rose is special!

West Garden

 In the west pergola area, the white roses are blooming together with lime green hostas and sage.
Bright lime color matches the pure white roses.

One day I enjoyed rose flower arranging with my friend in the gardenshed.

We cut as many roses as we could and put all of them in the shed. Thanks to the gardenshed, my life became enriched.

ER Redoute
After we made the gardenshed, Redoute blooms better than before.

It became healthy because the gardenshed protect the rose from the north wind in winter?

Cute compact flower. Many prickles and bristles. I know there are a lot of healthy roses withe prickles, so it means healthy?

East garden from the wooden terrace.. Paul's Himarayan Musk on the arch is blooming.

 The south garden of my house is actually the shade garden because of the adjacent neighbor's house. So I planted the roses and flowers tolerant of shade.
 The rose
'Gunsei,' myriads of stars in Japanese, has the buds with red tint on the tip, however, it becomes pure white when it blooms.
It looks like myriads of stars actually!

Shade Garden
Wooden Terrace

ER The Pilgrim
I grow this rose for a long time. The longer I grow, the more I love this rose. The creamy pure yellow color reminds me of the lemon sorbet.

Named after Laduree, the patisserie in Paris, famous for the coloful macarons. Laduree's color is actually the raspberry macaron color!
 The raspberry pink color and flower shape is very rare and charming.

 With Heuchera 'Orange marmalade', Agapanthus 'Silver moon.' 

South Little Bed

 Around the watering place, I removed the gravel, put the earth through a sieve, and paved the area with red bricks. Very hard work of two years! Under the bricks I put the weed protect sheet of Dupon, however some weeds still grow between the bricks. Weeds are strong!

 Also Allium giganteum in this side.
This purple Allium reproduces well, though white Allium was not strong enough and disappeared in my garden.


East Little Bed
East Garden

The soft pink rose on the left is the climbing rose, ER The Generous Gardener. The gentle soft pink color matches the pergola area. Repeat flowering, tolerant of shade. I dream this rose will grow taller and bloom a lot!

ER Lady of Shalott
  I grew Pat Austin before, however, it disappeared because of the winter coldness, so I bought this apricot rose remembering Pat Austin. Now I love this rose very much.
 The mild orange color and the frilled flower shape looks so graceful.