ER Constance Spry bloomed well this year.
The south wall of my house looked brilliant with Constance Spry.

My garden 2013

@In June, 2013, a three year project, our gardenshed was completed. Basically it was actually handcrafted work by my husband except the foundation by the professional and the raising the ridge beam by together with our friends.
@We planned to make a working place at first, however, the design changed little by little, grading up, since we got beautiful stained glasses, furniture, etc. from our kind friends both in Japan and in England. Now our gardenshed became a nice meeting room with our neighbors, having tea parties, talking with each other, and so on. All's well that ends well!

The west border garden.
The white rose is ER Gentle Hermione.

It is my recent most favorite rose, since it is very strong and healthy through the cold winter of northern Japan, Hokkaido.
More than anything else, the globe shape flower is so cute with apricot white color and good fragrance.

Interior design of the gardenshed. The stained glass on the west window seems a rose design for me. Don't you think so?
On the windowside, potted herb plants, which I grew from seeds.

With a new Gardenshed
Gardenshed is at the northwest corner in my garden.

We had to choose the place where the snow from the roof of the main house wouldn't fall.

The climbing rose under the pergola is a white rose, Sombreuil.
The layers of the petals of Sombreuil are so beautiful.

East garden in full bloom.
The rose on the arch is Paul's Himalayan Musk.
This is the only trustworthy climbing rose with voluminous flowers in my garden.
Most climbing roses are damaged by the coldness of the winter here. (Minus 20 degrees centigrade at the coldest in winter.)

The pink rose is ER Constance Spry.

The English antique furniture was suitable for this wall. Luckily thanks to my friend it came to the gardenshed!

With the antique tea cups.

Just before the completion of the gardenshed, flowers of my garden began to bloom one by one.

ER Kathryn Morley began to bloom at the end of June.
Usually Kathryn Morley is damaged by the coldness of the winter, however, she seemed healthy this year. The gardenshed may have prevented the north wind.


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I made a rose geranium cake, a pear tart and rose sorbet for the garden party. Herbs and flowers are from my garden.

Other berries in my garden.
I made jam with currants and blueberries.

Gardenshed from the north.
The front rose is a unknown rose, which I grew from the cutting.
It looks like a wild rose without prickles, so it is good to make a wreath with its hips.


We held a tea party in the gardenshed. It was actually an informal Japanese tea ceremony by one of my friend who is an expert in the tea ceremony, bringing his own tea-things.

Such a Japanese style matches well, too in the gardenshed.

My husband Masaki's former work, pergola area.
With the years it became a calm and quiet place.

It is a shade garden, so I arranged ferns and heucheras under the climbing rose.

English roses around the gardenshed are beginning to bloom.

The front apricot white rose is ER Shropshire Lass. The back apricot pink rose is ER Sweet Juliet.

I made jam and cakes with berries in my garden, more often than usual this year.
It may be another gardenshed effect?
The gardenshed seems to enrich the life itself.

Juneberry jam with Juneberries beside the gardenshed.

My site of this year may be different from the usual garden site.
It looks like a cooking site.

Thanks to the gardenshed, my life may have been changed into a little bit qualified one.


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West view of the gardenshed.
We planted a Juneberry tree and put a sunshade in front of the west window to prevent the afternoow sun.

Below the roof, I put the hanging baskets with red ivy geraniums, which I grow inside the house during winter every year.

Pink rose on the left is President de Seze.
Beautiful rose with fading pink color.

A little strained at first.

However, look!
Teakettle is my electiric T-fal pot! I like such an informal tea ceremony.

ER Shropshire lass in full bloom.

Its soft apricot color and the soft purple color of the clematis 'Fujimusume' match well.

Variegata di Bologna is another my favorite.

The petals are so thin, so it feels like elegant tissue paper.

Mmn Hardy blooms at the beginning of July, when Foxgloves begins to bloom.

Mmn Hardy is a white rose with a soft green center. What a beautiful natural combination!

The pink rose in front of the gardenshed is Raubritter.
Here is my west border garden, in full bloom.

Below the west border garden, there is a mix garden with herbs.

Tea party

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Gardenshed in summer.
Ivy geranium in the hanging basket began to bloom.

My dream Gardenshed