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December, 2000
BISES is one of the best leading magazines on gardening in Japan. It has been presenting the real English gardens and gardening for a long time with the sophisticated style. It held the garden contest for the first time in 1997, when my Shakespeare herb garden could get the honorable mention. Of course I was very happy, though I felt a little bit sorry, since my another application, my own garden could not win any prizes. I knew the reason. My own garden had not been matured at all. As the next BISES contest was said to be held in 2000, my husband and I made a catch phrase, "Let's aim at 2000 contest!"

Since then we had tried so hard to make a good garden, making a Wooden terrace, Brick watering place, Path of railway sleepers, etc. You can see all those things in Garden crafts of my site. Now you see the reason why we spent so much energy and time (and a little amount of money) for our garden!

I am really happy now, since my own garden could win the honorable mention this time!

*** Application photo sheets ***

*** You have to prepare 10 photos of your garden ***
(Click the photos and the illustration for wider images.)
West arch Old rose garden Rose walk Open garden East arch and Old rose garden
*** With the illustrations of companion plants: Garlics and Garlic chives ***
*** With the illustration of garden layout, together with Rose wine and Rose shervet ***
Wooden terrace garden layout Romantic garden Brick watering place Rose cooking Entrance and herb border garden
******** The closing date for the application of BISES GARDEN CONTEST 2000 was July 31, 2000. But my roses begin to bloom in July every year. I had to take good photos just for a month!

In July my roses began to bloom. I had been preparing everything. The only thing I had to do was to take good photos. So I took many many photos. Then I went to the photo shop with so many films. But the person of the shop told me something might be wrong with my camera, looking at the developed photos. Oh, no! The shutter system of my camera EOS was broken! Half of the photos were unsuccessful!

I went to the camera shop, and I knew that it took a whole week to change the shutter system and it cost 15,000 yen! (about $150) My roses were blooming one after another. Must I wait for a week?

I borrowed my friend's camera EOS KISS and took many photos. Everything should have been all right. After I saw the developed photos, I was surprised again! Why were all those photos put the date on? My friend's camera had a date display system, while my old EOS did not have such a new system, so I did not know I had to set the date system off!

Anyway at last, I managed to make the deadline for the application, but one of my application photos was with a date! I really think I am very lucky, since for all those unlucky happenings, I could win the honorable mention! *********

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