Trouble 1: Suddenly big concrete debris turned up in the middle of the herb garden!    My husband managed to crush it with a hammer and a shisel.
   Trouble 2: Then there appeared the layer of coal cinders, which was used for the coal heater in the old days.
   Trouble 3: In the layer of coal cinders, there are the underground roots of Dokudami, Houttuynia cordata and there! This plant is the original cause of this renewal. They were rampant in the herb garden, so we decided to re-model the herb garden...
   We put the weed control fabric on the sides and the botom of the flower bed. In the center, we dug deeper for the deep root herb.    Trouble 4: The earth must be riddled to remove the weed roots. This work is the most troublesome!
  We continued to riddle the earth day after day. The weather is not good (bad) in May this year. I wonder when this work will finish...    A dogtooth violet, which my friend found beside the herb garden we are making. Healing time!

Shakespeare Herb Garden - Renewal project

May 7, 2013

 We will use 600 bricks and 7 styrofoam plates in the Shakespeare herb garden. Sand, styrofoam, bricks...hard work!
After today's work, Sister prepared the afternoon tea for us.

May 4, 2013

 After the rainy 10 days, today it was fine, however, I think it was colder today than the other days because of the north wind. Several styrofoams were blown away here and there though we had put bricks on them! Thanks a lot, my friends and my husband!

 Paving stones are for the easiness of mowing. My husband and I discussed how to laying them last night. I'm satisfied with my husband's today's work!
 (Right) Mint areas. In the front area, we planted spearmint, and in the back area, applemint.

May 19, 2013

 Shakespeare Herb Garden was completed today! It was a sunny comfortable day. We enjoyed the tea time on the lawn.
Sowing the lawn grass seeds, putting the plate with the phrases of Shakespeare's drama, we finished our project at last.
There is a plate with the phrases of the Shakespear's drama for each herb.
(Below) It is the plate of rue, which was used in Hamlet.

April 29, 2013

 Cherry blossoms began to bloom around the Shakespeare herb garden at last!
Though cherry blossoms began to bloom, my herb garden renewal project has not finished yet. We still riddle the soil everyday!

May 25, 2013

 Shakespeare herb garden renewal project began at Sapporo Sacred Heart School. After 15 years of the comletion of the first herb garden, it became old and shady.

 A Double flowered cherry tree is in full bloom at the Shakespeare Herb Garden. Cherry blossoms in June! It is too late this year!

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May 3, 2013

 It rained all day today. We just kept standing beside the herb garden under construction.
.It hailed yesterday. Thank you for your help, my husband and good friends!

May 12, 2013

May 16, 2013

Not only the bad weather but also so many troubles the herb garden renewal project had to face. We solved the problems one by one.

May 18, 2013

 Today cherry blossoms are in full bloom! It was a small tree 15 years ago when I made the old herb garden. Then it grew big, so the herb garden became shady. It is the main reason of the renewal. However, I love the lovely pink blossoms.
(Right) Flower bed edge became rounded. I think the renewal project will finish soon!

May 22, 2013

 Students came sketching while we were working on Monday. Sorry, our working site was not a good picture, however, they were looking forward to the completion of the herb garden.
(Right) In a flurry of falling cherry blossoms, our herb garden project is at the final stage at last. 

May 23, 2013

 I designed the garden edge in the shape of S, which is the initial of the school name, Sacred Heart School, and the initial of Shakespeare. Can you see S?

 Today a tea ceremony was held at the Sacred Heart School. I attended the tea ceremony, but my husband could not, so a kind student and a Sister delivered the tea to the herb garden.
Shakespeare Herb Garden project has not be completed, since we spent our afternoon in attending a graceful tea ceremony. We will finish up the work tomorrow!
(Right)Through the late blooming cherry blossoms.

May 26, 2013