*** Welcome to Shakespeare Herb Garden, Part 2! ***

***** Several years have passed since we made the Shakespeare Herb Garden near the mountain side of Sapporo, where we can see the various changes throughout the year. Please enjoy the memorable scenes of this year of the Shakespeare Herb Garden. *****

* At the end of July. Over the herb garden, you can see a flower garden in full bloom with climbing roses and irises.

* Lemon balms. Othello compared the breath of his beloved wife, Desdemona to the fragrance of lemon balms. Students' most favorite herb.

* Thymes. In A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM, the Fairy Queen Titania sleeps at the bank with wild thymes as well as many wild flowers.

* Dyer's camomiles for dyeing (yellow) and German camomiles for tea (white).
"for though the camomile, the more it is trodden on the faster it grows, yet youth, the more it is wasted the sooner it wears." (KING HENRY THE FOURTH - PART ONE, Act 2, Scene 4)

* At the end of May, the new 7th grade students helped to plant herbs. After working very hard, we enjoyed herb tea and nice cakes made by a Sister.

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