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Rose Garden After the Rain

********************** Please enjoy the slideshows of the roses in my garden after the rain. **********************
Roses are full of expression. You must be fascinated by their charms!
Scene 1
Alchymist (Modern Climber)
Classical quartered form with orange and
cream color reminds me of a marble cake!
Fragrant, healthy climbing rose.
Scene 2
Variegata di Bologna (Bourbon)
For me, this rose is a typical old rose
with soft petals and of a medium size,
fragrant, delicate!
I love this rose, its color and everything!
Scene 3
Paul's Himalayan Musk (Moschata)
After the rain, this rose is the most beautiful
in my garden, dancing and smiling
toward me! Fragrant, healthy. Grows well.
Scene 4
Awakening (Climber)
This sport of New Dawn was found in Czechoslovakia.
The flower is however very double and quartered.
Healthy and long flowering.
Scene 5
Teasing Georgia (English Rose)
Creamy yellow color of this rose is
a good companion with other pink roses.
Very healthy. Repeat flowering.
Scene 6
President de Seze (Gallica)
The center is deep purple. The end of
the petal is soft purple.
Fading the color little by little,
this rose is very chic and charming!
Fragrant and healthy.

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