Rose catalog IV

William Lobb (purple) and Alba Maxima (white)


Every time spring comes, I check my roses in the garden without snow, feeling so sad to see the roses damaged in winter. So my aim to go to the rose garden near here has changed recently. I try to find strong roses even in Kitahiroshima, my town, which is said cooler than Asahikawa in summer.


*** Stanwell Perpetual (Pimpinellifolia) ***

Stanwell Perpetual and Black pansy

This rose is classified into the soft pink rose
in the Catalogue of Peter Beales.
In my garden, however, the flower is almost white,
though at the beginning the center of the flower is
creamy pink.
With black pansies, it looks like a white lady.
The leaves are so small and the branches
with so many thorns are so slender.
Repeat flowering.

*** The Pilgrim (ER) ***

Every year many people who visited my garden
fall in love with The Pilgrim.
They are sure to buy one.
The Pilgrim (ER)
Clear soft yellow like lemon sorbet.
Perfect flower shape.
Very fragrant.
Very strong rose.

Flowers in full bloom

*** William Lobb (Moss) ***

I met this rose in Barakura English garden in Tateshina, Nagano. Purple magenta flower. Mossed buds are also so lovely.
William Lobb (Moss)

*** Anna-Marie de Montravel (China) ***

This is a superb rose among small white roses,
since the flowers are cupped and lovely.
Very strong. Repeat flowering.
Why don't you get one?

Anna-Marie de Montravel (China)

*** Louise Odier (Bourbon) ***

This is a repeat flowering old rose,
whose flowers are produced on a dense.
Even in autumn,
it blooms well.

It looks good with foxgloves.
Colorful and very fragrant.

Louise Odier (Bourbon)

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