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Baby Polar Bears at Maruyama Zoo in Sapporo (2009.5)

polarbearpolarbearpolarbear In December, 2008, twin Polar bears were born at Maruyama Zoo in Sapporo!
We went there in May. I should have gone to see them earlier! Now they don't have names... It is said they will be named in June.
- Scene 1 -
Sleepy... Yawning, rolling... A pose!
- Scene 2 -
Wrestling? Sumo? Oh, it's Judo!
- Scene 3 -
Peaceful with Mom. Oh, no! He falls.
- Scene 4 -
Don't worry. A little bit embarrassed.
- Scene 5 -
Want to play, but I'm scared of water.
- Scene 6 -
I'm really scared.
- Scene 7 -
I like water. I like a toy!
- Scene 8 -
I like Mom best!

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