Approaching Mars 2003

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***  Photos were taken in Kitahiroshima, Hokkaido (Japan) in August, 2003, by Masaki
Telescope: 23.5cm Schmidt Cassegrain
Camera: Canon PowerShot A70

(Click the photos for the wider image)

* Mars on August 13, 2003 (23:19)

In July, Mars was smaller, but the white part,
south polar cap was much bigger than this.
* Mars on August 24, 2003 (1:35)

Mars will be at its closest approach to Earth on August 27.
It has become bigger than before.
(This photo was taken with high magnifying power,
so actually there was not such a big difference.)
* Mars on August 26, 2003 (22:18)

On August 26, it was fine and good night to see Mars.
We are so sorry we could not see Mars
on August 27 (the closest day) because we were busy,
though it was so fine, too.

* Moon on August 13, 2003 (23:05)

Moon is always so beautiful, though we hope the night
without moon when we want to see stars.

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