My garden 2021
 Mortimer Sackler and Clematis 'durandii' are well-matched pair.

 I grow Mortimer Sackler on the entrance wall, where the sunlight shines only in the morning.
However I recently understood it's a nice place for Mortimer Sackler, which doesn't like the strong sunshine.

 She says, 'Good morning' to me happily and lovely every morning in the season.
 Another new scene appears here.
I couldn't see the flowers of William Lobb well every year because it bloomed on the top of the obelisk. This year in spring I trained the shoots on the trellis of Clematis montana so that I might see the flower well.
 Yes! It's the right choice! Together with the pink flowers of Bonica it looks more beautiful than ever!

Alba Maxima

 Rosa 'Gunsei' grew so well, too!
It climbs over Stewartia pseudocamellia, weeping the shoots on all sides.
My another dreamy scene!
Rosa 'Gunsei' is a really excellent rose, which has a beautiful blushing bud and a pure white flower.

Blue:Geranium 'Orion'

ER 'Mortimer Sackler'

Rosa 'Gunsei'

West garden

William Lobb


William Lobb

Alba Maxima


Clematis durandii

Fantin Latour
 This is the scene!
 Mortimer Sackler blooms against all over the entrance wall.

 Here in Hokkaido, the northern island of Japan, the shoots of the climbing rose often get damage from the winter coldness. This year in spring I enjoyed training roses since the most shoots remained lively and healthy.

 I was so happy to see Mortimer Sackler every time I opened the door all through the season!

Clematis Viticella 'Emilia Plater'

 Paul's Himalayan Musk on the east arch grew so well to reach the next wall and the veranda!

 The veranda covered with Paul's sounds nice. However, I use the veranda to hang out the washing to dry, so we trained the shoots just under the veranda.
 Three-dimensional scene appears for the first time in my garden.

ER The Pilgrim

ER Olivia Rose Austin

East arch:Paul's Himalayan Musk

Hans Gonewein

ER Princess Alexandra of Kent

ER Gentle Hermione

ER Scepter'd Isle

Rosa 'Gunsei'

 No more comment.
Please just enjoy the flowery pictures, together with the scent of Fantin Latour.
Blue flower:Geranium 'Orion'
White flower:Orlaya
 When I visited the rose gardens, I saw a lovely rose from far away, came close and found it was always Fantin Latour!

This year Fantin Latour in my garden bloomed abundantly like the rose garden.
 Just the word 'White garden' excites me.
I try and I must face the facts:unsuccessful. There are other colorful flowers in my white garden. The one reason is my capriciousness.
 Another reason is my liking for blue color. I love both white and blue colors!
Please see my white and blue garden, too.
White garden
 Anne-Marie de Montravel and Orlaya created the white garden here.

They look so brilliant together with the blue flowers of Geranium 'Orion.'
East old rose path
Entrance Wall


President de seze

Queen of Denmark

ER Harlow Carr

Stanwell Perpetual

ER Princess Anne

ER Eustacia Vye

 The last is the rose gallery of the beauties of this season.
I can't choose the best one. There are some new faces, too. I put my hopes on them now. I believe they will come up to my expectations.
Rose Gallery


 There appear new dramatic scenes in my garden if I do say so myself.

 Mortimer Sackler grew well, decorating the entrance wall. Paul's Himalayan Musk became giant, almost reaching the veranda. The scene with them is so dynamic, which I have dreamed for a long time.

 Please enjoy the scene of them first.

ER Teasing Georgia

ER Mill on the Floss

Stephanie Guttenberg

Pink:Filipendula purpurea
and Hydrangea 'Mikatayae'

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Fantin Latour

Blue:Geranium 'Orion'

Mme Hardy


Anne-Maria de Montravel

East Garden