My garden 2015

 ER Princess Ann planted in 2013 is shown here for the first time. It hadn't bloomed well for these years since it had shoots again and again from the rootstock.
I removed the wrong shoots one by one until the rose had the genuine shoots. Now it is healthy!
 The round shaped flower of magenta pink stands out in the garden with white orlayas and agapanthus.

 The magenta color fades into impressive purple when finishing.

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Blue and White Garden

ER Mortimer Sackler

also in the herb season blooming in the north garden...

Garden shed
Romantic Garden
Alba Maxima

Stanwell Perpetual

ER Princess Ann

Not only in the rose season...

We spend blissful time in the shed after gardening. However, actually we can't spend so much time here in the season, since we continue gardening instead. At the ceiling area, there are drying herbs.

And I can't forget the garden shed! After the garden shed completed 3 years ago, we enjoyed our garden life with it very much.

 The west main garden is a romantic garden with blue, white and pink colors. Tall humorous purple flowers are Allium giganteum. Climbing rose, The Generous Gardener generously swings behind the garden.

 In the back of the blue garden, the white rose is Alba Maxima. Actually it's one of the oldest among the old roses and the olderst rose in my garden, too. I love this rose very much. The little white flower is baby pink at the beginning and chages to pure white at the end. It has strong old rose fragrance. Alba Maxima has been seei ng my garden from the beginning.

 How attractive blue flowers are! I gather many blue flowers: Geranium 'American blue,' chives, purple Gymnaster savatieri, violet clematis. White flowers are must with those blue flowers:white Fox gloves, Orlayas, white geramiums.

The new area beside the entrance is the little garden with ER Mortimer Sackler.
The azure of Clematis integrifolia durandii and the cherry pink of Mortimer Sackler are twining each other beautifully. In the rose best season the flower petals of Paul's Himarayan Musk are showering down here and there.

ER Teasing Georgia

In the west border garden President de Seze bears many flowers of lilac pink around the edges and deep pink in the center. This rose matches well with silver leaves.
Not only beautiful but also it is a very strong rose against the coldness and shade. Vigorous and healthy.

President de Seze

 I had the honor of meeting Mr. Peter Boyd, who specializes in Scots roses, at the David Austin Rose Garden in 2012.
 The parentage of Stanwell Perpetual is the combination of a Scots rose and an Autumn damask. I plantend this rose long time ago, and it became a special rose after I came back from England. It reminds me of my trip to England especially I see the repeated flower in autumn. The baby pink flowers are little and fragrant with the grey-green leaves and prickles, characteristics of Scots roses.

 ER Kathryn Morley hadn't bloomed well in the main garden. After replanted and protected from the north wind by the garden shed, suddenly it showed itself at its best.
I have not waited in vain. How beautiful! The shallow cupped flower is modest pink. Kathryn Morley has all the elegance we expect from the English rose.

ER Kathryn Morley

Let me introduce my garden with the best shots of 2015 season.

New roses I had planted 2 years ago and the roses I had to replant at that time bloomed better than ever. They say cutting roots is sometimes a good way to recover roses and now I understood it's true. Look! The roses of 2015 season are all charming and brilliant!

2015 season
 ER Teasing Georgia seems to like this new place. In the west garden of yellow and blue, it plays the leading role. How beautiful and charming with yellow alchemilla mollis and blue cat mints!

In the flower season I enjoy making wreaths with fresh flowers. The red and pink wreath and the blue and yellow wreath on the antique cupboard in the shed.

...but also in the season of Clematis 'Fuji-musume'...
ER Shropshire Lass
ER The Alnwick Rose

Its cream yellow matches blue and white color well. There are purple sage and blue and white campanulas in the west garden.

The front pink rose is ER The Alnwick Rose. Very impressive rose with fragrant cupped orange pink flowers.

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