The nearby picture is like this. Lawn grew well.

Little white rose, 'Gunsei', the star crowd. The flower is pure white, and the fringe of the bud is pink.

The pink rose is Louise Odier. The purple Allium gigantium and purple pink foxgloves are good companion plants.

The rosy red bell shaped flower is so cute, swinging with wind.

Clematis Montana 'Elizabeth' on June 8th. I will leave Japan on June 14th. Just before my travel to England.

 Of course, not.
At the top of the arch, the shoots of the roses grew wild.

As for the west garden, it looks good at a distance.

At the end of this flower, it becomes a summer seaon in Hokkaido.. Very soon the autumn season will come, since Hokkaido is the northern most ireland in Japan.

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My Garden 2012

Wisteria in full bloom, which grew from the seed of the house next door. Early summer flower.


 The white allium is also waiting for the white rose, Alba Maxima.
With the white foxgloves, it will be the white garden around here.

 Please wait until I come back!


As for Paul's Himarayan Musk on the east arch,,,

 Oh, they look nice!
Is everything O.K.?

 As a result, my garden of the 2012 searon had many troubles.
My husband cut the grass. I dug the ground. We worked and worked.

 At the end of the rose season, my garden became normal! Please see my late roses.

 The garden on June 13th, the day before the travel.
The garden is waiting for the rose season. Very quiet green garden.

 2012 was the year of traveling. In February, I went to Malaysia and Thailand, and in June, Ireland and England. At the end of May, I attended the International Heritage Rose Conferencein Sakura. As a result, my garden became wild! I will show you my garden after my busy spring with regret.

As for the flower pots, I buried all of them in the ground so that the natural rain might water them..

 Well, everything is fully prepared..
 I hoped sometimes it would rain and mostly it would be sunny.
 How selfish!

 As for the travel in England and Ireland, please see my blog 'Kiho Garden' though it is written in Japanese.

 After I came back to Japan, how was the garden?

I will give you the full picture of the wildness. Not nearby.

I pushed my way through the long lawn.

As for the flower pots, they were almost dry. It seemed there were little rain.

I'm so sorry!

I watered them soon.

Oh, no, there is a sunflower at the center of the garden, which is basically a romantic color garden.

The sunflower seed from the bird feeder in winter seemed to grow!


Bonica, Ground cover rose, is a good rose. Easy to grow and very healthy.
Pink bud is so beautiful!


 The late Clematis bloomed beautifully. When they bloomed, our garden work finished and we could enjoy our garden at last. The seasons of traveling and gardening are almost the same. That's a problem!

 West arch is covered with purple flowers.
 The violet rose, Veilchenblau and blue Clematis 'Jackmani ' bloom at the same time!

The purple color of Veilchenbrau becomes deep at the end of the flowering. It becomes a good companion with the blue color of Clematis'Jackmanii'.

Clematis viticella 'Emilio Plater' is the pale blue clematis. It looks nice with Hydrangea 'Shirotae.'

They are good companion plants with Brunnera macrophylla 'Jack frost', too.

 At the back, Clematis texensis'Etoile Rose'. It is my favorite in the late season.