Cross Country Skiing

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***** In December, we have much snow here and there: in my garden, in the field, everywhere. You may wonder what we are doing in these winter days, but don't worry, we have many things to do: Not only shoveling the snow (this is not an interesting job, of course) but also cross country skiing. We enjoy our winter, too. *****

* Meadow covered with snow

In the meadow near my house,
black oxen are eating grasses in summer.

In winter it is the best place to cross country ski.
Two shadows are going to ski.

First Masaki started:
Old animal tracks.
Animal tracking is also interesting when cross country skiing.

* Path along the meadow

Next, it's my turn.
A little serious.
Not bad. (?)

* The scenery from the meadow

Among the houses, there must be our house.

Masaki's turn again.
I followed him.
Seeing my own track of skis.
Masaki's track is winding. Ummm. It is good.
The sun is sinking.
The sun sinks so early here in the northern part of Japan.

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