* Rose hip tea *

***** The bright red or orange colors of rose hips are aesthetically beautiful in the autumn garden. They are wonderful items not only in the garden but also in the kitchen. Their apple like colors look so delicious, though it is a little hard to remove the hairy achenes and seeds inside the hips. The taste of hand made rose hip tea as well as the color is milder than that on the market. *****


* Rose hips


Slice rose hips and remove the hairy achenes and seeds inside them carefully, cleaning them with water. (As the hairy achenes are said to cause some kinds of allergies, you have to remove them carefully.) Dry them on the clean paper for a few weeks until they are completely dried. Chop them into pieces and keep them in a cool place.
When making rose hip tea, pour 1 cup of boiled water over 1 heaping tablespoon of rose hips, wait for several minutes and strain.

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