Clematis garden 4


* Crab Apple tree in full bloom
In the middle of May, the spring flower season begins in my garden.
First, Crab Apple begins to bloom. Then, early clematises follow.
Alpina Willy, Montana Elizabeth, and Montana Rubens.
Their pink flowers look like cherry blossoms in full bloom.


*** Clematis Alpina Willy ***

* Clematis Alpina Willy

I have long dreamed of seeing the soft pink flowers in my garden.
Before getting this and even after that.

After three years, it had several flowers.
I had to wait for a few more years
to see the tens of flowers in full bloom.

* Alpina Willy and Montana Elizabeth

After Alpina Willy,
Montana Elizabeth (behind) begins to bloom.

The flowers of Alpina Willy bloom
dropping their heads.
Their nodding flowers look so lovely!

*** Montana Rubens in the West garden ***

* Montana Rubens on the west grapevine trellis

Montana Rubens blooms
all over the grapevine trellis.

The grapevine is wholly covered with Montana Rubens.
Montana is favorably treated in my garden.

*** Montana Elizabeth ***

Unfortunately the half of Montana Elizabeth died in the previous year.
In spring I was relieved to see the flowers again.

Its rapid growth had been our big problem
and suddenly one day,
it withered partly.
Plants are unreliable.
Next spring the flowers bloomed again,
and I felt at ease.

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