Black Garden


Black is so fascinating! Black tulips, black pansies, black christmas roses, etc. And they also need such other colors as white and blue to be black. Please enjoy my garden of black flowers which live together in harmony with the flowers of other colors.


*** Black Tulip ***

Black tulips are typical of black flowers.
They are so fantastic!
Front black tulips are Tulipa cv. Jackpot.
Black tulips in the behind pots are Queen of the Night.
The blue flowers underneath are Muscari.

*** Helleborus purpurascens ***

Helleborus purpurascens is a grayish purple Christmas rose.
A kind of black flowers, isn't it?
The dark purple flowers are so elegant!
They are suitable for dry flowers, too,
since their colors remain long.

*** Heuchera and Ajuga ***

The foliage of this Heuchera (front) is dark red.
A little different as black plants?
The foliage of Ajuga (behind) is
really black in a shady garden.
The blue flowers are also very beautiful.

*** Black pansy and Stanwell Perpetual ***

Black pansies are good companion plants
to the little flowers of Stanwell Perpetual.
Stanwell perpetual blooms early, so
they bloom together with late blooming pansies.
The one with ferny foliage is Dill.

*** Viola labradorica purpurea and Ophiopogon planiscapus ***

Viola labradorica purpurea has a chic black foliage.
The one between Violas is Black dragon beard
(Ophiopogon planiscapus).
The spring black color of Viola labradorica purpurea
changes into green in summer.

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