Hydrangea serrata


I was fascinated with Hydrangea serrata several years ago. Now they became "must" in my garden. They change my summer garden into a natural garden with Japanese taste.


****** Kurohime ******

Each flower looks like a jewel.Dark blue and magenta color
flowers are so beautiful.

****** Shirotae ******

The white flowers are so little.They are very cute.

****** Kiyosumisawa ******

White flowers with red trimming. So impressive flowers.

****** Iyatemari ******

White-green flowers are so noble.

****** Amacha ******

The leaves become Hydrangea tea.

****** "Pink" Hydrangea serrata ******

Soft pink flowers are good for shade.
The shade corner becomes bright.

****** Hydrangea serrata "Maiko" ******

So many light-purple flowers Ball shape flowers are so cute.

****** Red Hydrangea serrata "Kurenai" ******

Though the flowers are pink in this photo,
they are white when it blooms.
Then they change into bright red.

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