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***  After preparing for winter all through November, one morning it snowed lightly. Early winter snow is gentle and beautiful, though the mid-winter snow is heavy and tough. The snow is 1 meter deep in mid-winter. *** 

* East old rose garden

Roses were supported by bamboos and straw ropes
in order not to be damaged by snow.

Brick watering place and snow

Yews are valuable trees in Hokkaido,
since they are evergreen.

* East garden from wooden terrace
When I dug 50 cm under the ground at the end of October,
I saw a toad in hibernation there!
I knew him well in my garden in summer, but
I never dreamed we could meet under the ground.

Maple tree at the center of my garden and English roses supported by bamboos.

* Straw mat covering
Under the straw mat,
an obelisk and Violet.
Silvery leaves and white snow

* Illumination in winter

We enjoy illumination in winter. They are beautiful especially with snow.

Green LED light is new and energy saving!

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