********My favorite is a romantic hue: soft pink, creamy white, purplish red like purple old roses, and pale blue. So my garden is covered with romantic colors.

* Cardinal de Richelieu

The garden of old roses in soft color looks nice with such a purplish red color.
* Mme. Hardy and Foxgloves

The purplish red foxgloves grew naturally. Mme.Hardy looks beautiful with this color.
* Mme. Hardy and Chapeau de Napoleon

Shocking pink color of Chapeau de Napoleon looks attractive. Under Chapeau de Napoleon are white geraniums.
* White and pink garden
* Alba Maxima and Variegata di Bologna

In full bloom, this garden looks like a fancy cake with white and pink colors. You become a heroine of Grimm's story in this garden.

* English rose garden

English roses and deep purple campanulas.

* Evelyn and a frog
From English rose garden. A frog shaped safety cap was imported from England.
* Path of railway sleepers

It was a really big job to make this path. See Garden craft.

Easy to grow and beautiful! They are good companion plants in rose garden.
* Geranium and Foxglove          * Chrysanthemum Northpole

* Immensee

A ground cover rose, Immensee is easy to grow. It flows like a waterfall.

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