My Garden 2011

The theme of this season is a path.
Please enjoy the impressive paths
of my garden, 2011.

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*** Hydrangea Maiko and Hydrangea Kurenai ***

The pergola area in the rose season.
After roses, it becomes a path
of the Hydrangea.

The blue hydrangea is Hydrangea Maiko.
The white is Hydrangea Kurenai.

The flower of Hydrangea Kurenai
is white at the beginning.

Then, it becomes lovely pink.

The color changes
into such a deep red at the end.

*** Hydrangea Iyatemari ***

The flower of Hydrangea Iyatemari
is such pure white.
This area becomes the white path
with Hydrangea Iyatemari and
Brunnera macrophylla'Jack Frost.'

*** West Arch ***

The red rose is ER Tess of the d'Urbervilles.
The creamy yellow rose is ER Teasing Georgia.
The small pink rose is Ballerina.

This area becomes so colorful with mixed color!
With the purple climbing rose,
Veilchenblau on the arch
and the red rose,
ER Tess of the d'Urbervilles
, I intended to make a red garden,
strictly speaking.

*** West Arch ***

The rose of the east arch is
Paul's Himarayan Musk.
The path under the arch is
covered with rose petals.

The arch in full bloom is
a wonderful scene with this rose!

*** West Garden ***

You should not make a garden with a collection, an English garden magazine said before. However, I cannot resist temptation when I meet lovely flowers. Here is a path of the collection of colorful Gymnaster savatieri.

The pink rose at the back is
Bourbon Queen.
The deep purple rose is
The Bishop.
There are deep pink, soft pink,
blue, purple and white
Gymnaster savatieri collection
on both sides of the path.

There are other little flowers in this area.
I grow Petunia and
Impatiens walleriana from the seed.
The white flower is
Orlaya grandiflora 'White Lace.'

*** Pergora Garden ***

This area under the pergora looks a path,
doesn't it?

Lime green under the pergora is Hosta.
Small soft pink tree is Cotinus coggygria 'Young Lady'.
Lime green sage.
The lime color fits such a shade garden.

The pink rose is Celsiana.
Celsiana in full bloom is so beautiful!

*** West Border ***

There is a path in the west border in order to take care of my roses. It is a little narrow, so once I fell down into the herb garden. No hurts, but embarrassed.
The north side of the west border.
The front deep pink rose is President de Seze.
The behind pink rose is ER Gertrude Jekyl.

The south side of the west border.
The front soft pink rose is Konigen Von Danemark.
The behing pink rose is Jacques Cartier.

*** Wooden terrace ***

Not a path, but my favorite area.
I spend my favorite time with those lovely little roses in the pots and cute bears.

Roses look so lovely in the terradotta pots.
The single pink rose in the pot is
The small pink rose on the shelf is "Yumeotome."

Raubritter in the pot is
colorful pink.
My favorite big bear and small bear
in front of the pot.


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