My Garden 2010

Comte de Chambord

The West border of my garden
is painted with romantic color
of the old roses.
The other flowers are also romantic.
They are good companion plants
to old roses with romantic flowers
and silvery leaves.
My west border garden
becomes dreamy and brilliant.
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*** West Border Garden, Part 1 (President de Seze) ***

President de Seze

The center of the flower is deep lavender pink. This rose becomes the accent of the romantic garden.

At the foot of the rose,
the pink flower is a geranium,
which was presented
by my neighbbor.
The little white flower is
a fringed pink,
which I grew from seeds.

The lavender color becomes
an impressive dark purple
when the flower falls.

The white flower of this foxglove
has no spot in the center.
I grow them from the seed
every year.
West Border Garden

President de Seze from the south
The front white rose is Boule de Neige.
The rose at the back is Comte de Chambord.


*** West Border Garden, Part 2 (Konigin Von Danemark) ***

My favorite rose sometimes changes. However, these years my favorite rose is Konigin Von Danemark. This rose has a gray leaf, typical of the Alba rose, which matches its gentle babypink flower. The fragrance of the pure tea rose is perfect. Konigin Von Danemark is Queen of Denmark in English.

Konigin Von Danemark
The pink color of this rose is
my most favorite.
I cannot turn my eyes away.
I fall in love with thie rose!

Konigin Von Danemark
West Border Garden

Konigin Von Danemark from the north
The rose at the back is Jacques Cartier.
The plants with silvery leaves are
Lamb's-ear (front) and
Artemisia schmidtiana.
The green and yellow plant is Vinca.


*** West Apricot Garden ***

The west garden was a kitchen garden, however, little by little it became a rose garden, since I love roses most! I collected the apricot color roses and good companion flowers with the apricot color in this garden. The yellow color is difficult to use in the other old rose area in my garden, but here the yellow color is so nice and mellow.

ER Sweet Juliet

The apricot pink of Sweet Juliet
is so attractive.
The fragrance is fluity
and also the flower shape
looks like some fruit.
It matches purple,
blue and yellow color
flowers well.

The tall purple flower is Allium giganteum. The lower yellow plant is a herb, Rue.

The concept of the apricot garden
is a natural garden.
The flowers are swaying
with a breeze.

The yellow plant is Lady's mantle.
It's good for the garden and
also good as dry flowers.
The white and blue flowers are
which I grew from the seeds.

The blue clematis at the back of
Sweet Juliet is Fujimusume.
I love the soft blue of
this clematis.
ER Shropshire Lass

English rose, Shropshire Lass has
a single apricot flower.
The flower is so fragrant
and impressive.
Recommendable rose!


*** East Garden ***

Paul's Himarayan Musk of the East Arch is a symbol of my East garden. Cardinal de Richelieu, the purple rose beside the arch is also so impressive. Its profound deep purple is so dignified. I have never seen a dark purple rose like this!

Paul's Himarayan Musk

Paul's Himarayan Musk looks
like white snow.
It becomes the symbol rose
of my garden.

Cardinal de Richelieu

Cardinal de Richelieu is
a red purple rose
when it blooms.
It changes dark purple
when it falls.
The last dignity.


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