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Cherry blossoms in full bloom? No, this is Paul's Himalayan Musk in full bloom! The flowers are transparent white and baby pink. After the rain, the clearness of the color and the fragrance become much stronger.
There are such little roses here and there in my garden. On the west arch is purple fragrant Veichenbrau. On the south edge, there is Gunsei with very white flowers. Their buds are red on the tip. Please enjoy such little flowers in my garden here.
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*** Paul's Himalayan Musk ***

On the east arch at the entrance is Paul's Himalayan Musk. We had much rain in this season, however, Paul's Himalayan Musk was much clearer and more beautiful!

East Arch, South view
This rose is good for arch, since
the flowers weigh heavy on the arch.
It surely looks like the white snow mountain!


*** Veilchenblau ***

Veilchenblau, on the west arch. My dream arch with fragrant purple flowers has come true! When the petals fall, the purple color becomes deeper.

What a transparent purple color!
The irregular shape petals are very charming.
This rose always reminds me the blue rose.
This is a living blue rose.
The ground under the rose tree is
covered with deep violet petals.

Unfortunately, the coldness of Hokkaido seems
to be severe for this rose and it gets frost
damage after the winter. However,
it is in full bloom in this season.


*** Gunsei ***

Gunsei means a cluster of stars. It actually looks like stars with clusters of white flowers in full bloom. The tip of the bud is a little red. This rose is very strong even in winter, so we can use this as a short climber in Hokkaido.

It is a pure white bouquet of the bride.
Together with a foxglove. The pure white flowers and green leaves make a cool space.

The buds with the red tips are very cute! The splendid atmosphere with the graceful clusters of flowers.


*** Yume-otome ***

Yume-otome, or a dreaming girl, reminds me the pattern of the girl's dress. The flowers of this rose are really small, so it suits other small garden accessaries. The desirable rose in your small area. Repeat flowering.

Yume-otome on the plant shelf
on the wooden deck.
With a minuature accessaries. The rose beside the bears is Ballerina.

Yume-otome, at the entrance area.
Yume-otome in the pot, with an owl cap
at the tip of the standard pole.
You can make any shape with this rose,
since the branches are so flexible.

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