My garden 2008

Small romantic flowers are my favorites, too!  Black, blue and purple violas.  Lilac color petunia.  White impatiens.  Silver leaf plants: Artemisia schmidtiana and Senecio cineraria are also good companion plants of roses.

West Garden Allium Giganteum

In June, 2008 my husband and I traveled in Europe to visit rose gardens in full bloom.  So, I did not prepare for the July rose season of my own garden.  When we came home at the end of June, I did not expect my garden at all.  However, flowers were so powerful and admirable. They showed me the beautiful flower season as usual.  I was deeply moved and I felt so sorry for the flowers of my garden.

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The east arch is covered with Paul’s Himalayan Musk.  Next to the arch, Delphinium grows almost as high as the arch.  I love the deep blue color of Delphinium so much.  Though it is a perennial in Hokkaido, after several years it may disappear.  Even so, I plant it again and again, since it is my favorite!

Allium Giganteum is a symbol flower in the west garden.  It looks like a Japanese animation character, Doraemon.  I hold the flower in my palm and pat it whenever I walk along the path.

 West Border Garden

 East Garden Delphinium

Another favorite in the west border is Queen of Denmark (Konigin von Danemark).  This alba rose is highly scented, with a botton eye flower and gray foliage.  I love everything of this rose!

 West Garden — Anna Marie de Montravel

Raubritter is the most impressive rose in the west border.  It is so beautiful together with the purple color of Lavender.

Anna Marie de Montravel is a little cute white rose, which appeals strongly to women.  We lose our heart to this rose without noticing.  Repeat flowering even after summer.  Though the image of this rose is fragile and weak, it is healthy and strong.

 East Flower Garden

Tall blue flower: Salvia tesquicola.  Small pink and white flowers: Geranium varieties.

Left — Pineapple mint.  Sometimes such white variety grows.

Pauls Himalayan Musk