My Garden 2007

I always introduce my roses first every year, but this year I'll show you my Clematis flowers before everything else.
It's Clematis Etoile Rose that plays the leading part this year! When Alba Maxima finishes blooming, the rose red flowers of Etoile Rose bloom one by one covering Alba Maxima branches. The bell shape flowers seem to ring when the wind blows. *****

*** Clematis texensis Etoile Rose ***

I love Clematis texensis Etoile Rose
very much.
Everyone asked me about the name of this Clematis,
when he/she noticed it.
Clematis Princess Diana looks like this,
but the flower of Princess Diana
blooms upward.
Etoile Rose blooms downward.

In winter
the branches on the ground die,
but in summer it grows almost 3 meters every year.
So it is very easy to grow them.
You've only to cut the dead branches every spring.
Clematis viticella Emilio Plater

Together with Etoile Rose,
Emilio Plater blooms after Alba Maxima.
The behind rose red flowers are Etoile Rose.
The white roses are Alba Maxima.

*** Raubritter ***

Which rose plays the leading role this year?
It's Raubritter again like the last year. The flowers are much prettier than those of the last year because of the good weather in June and July.
It looks like some fruit.
The flowers weigh heavy on the branches.
Raubritter is so unique!
The flowers are very cute!
It is as if they were flowers
painted on the antique cup.

The purple Lavender and the white German Camomile
are good companion plants.

*** Fantin-Latour ***

This chic beautiful rose is Fantin-Latour.
The soft pink color is beautiful and the flower shape is just like a Centifolia rose.
Everything of this rose is my favorite.
I love such a powdery pink flower!
Cup shape. The center of the flower is
soft pink button-eye.
The leaves are grayish green.
Good fragrant.
It is a perfect rose!
It matches the apricot color Foxglove.
The brick path from Pergola
becomes the pink colored path!

*** West Garden ***

There is a white little rose,
Anne-Marie de Montravel
at the end of the brick path from Pergola.
This rose is popular among women in Japan now.
It becomes a small white garden.

At the beginning of the brick path,
there is a Pergola garden.

The deep pink rose in the center is
Louise Odier.
The soft pink rose on the left behind is

The ball shape flowers are Allium Giganteum.

*** West Border ***

West border became more and more colorful.
There are some Foxgloves grown from fallen seeds.
The front soft pink rose is
Queen of Denmark (Konigin von Danemark).

I love such powdery pink flowers as Fantin-Latour.
My garden seems to be destined to be a romantic garden.
I don't care!

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