My Garden 2006

***** I was very fascinated with the charm of Raubritter in the 2006 season. They bloom brilliantly, flowing down the weeping branches. Their ball shape deep pink flowers are so unique. I've never seen such a unique shape among other roses. *****

*** Raubritter ***

Raubritter's brilliant pink color
matches the purple color of Lavender.
Periwinkle and Geranium are also
good companion plants.

Raubritter's ball shape flowers
look rounder seen from nearby.
Its flower is about 5 centimeters
at most in diameter.
Their buds are also round shapes.

*** White garden ***

I am fond of white color flowers! I recognized it recently. Here and there there are white flowers in my garden, which I've been collecting for a long time.
I think the white color is the most gorgeous and splendid among other colors not only in the daytime but also at dusk.
Hydorangea anomala petiolalaris bloomed
for the first time.
It took 8 years to bloom!
It looks more beautiful in the shade garden.

Stanwell Perpetual
My most-favorite last season.
It grew well and
climbed the Pergola pole.

It matches white foxgloves.

*** Bourbon Queen Tower ***

There was a crab apple tree here in the garden, but we cut it in spring, since it hadn't bloomed and borne fruits these years and covered with hairy caterpillars in summer.
Instead, we installed the Obelisk with the old rose, Bourbon Queen around it. Now this place changed into a charming brilliant garden.
I call it Bourbon Tower!
It became a symbol of my garden.

You can see the Bourbon Tower
at the end of the rose path.

The flowers of Bourbon Queen
are so delightful.
It matches its name!

Bourbon Queen Tower stands
at the inner part of
the old rose garden.
As the colors of the old roses are pale,
Bourbon Queen becomes a focal points.

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