My Garden


*** Pergola garden again! ***

Pergola spot is a highlight of the 2004 season in my garden.
Though I have introduced this spot in the Pergola garden of this site, I will show it to you again, since it is a piece of work completed beautifully by my husband. Now it became a symbol of my garden with so many roses and flowers blooming in profusion.
Pergola, side view
Purple: Allium Giganteum,
white and pink: Foxgloves,
deep blue: Delphinium,
Those vertical plants are accents in a rose garden.
Pergola, front view
Purple rose on Pergola: Rose-Marie Viaud
Deep pink rose: Louise Odier
Yellow rose: ER Teasing Georgia

*** East Arch ***

East arch was finally covered with a rose: Paul's Himalayan Musk after many roses died from the winter coldness in Hokkaido.
My dream came true!




Please enjoy three sequence photographs.
The view from the second floor.
Flowers on the top.
It's a true rose arch.


East garden
Rose arch from the south.
I'm so happy to get a beautiful rose arch.
Rose arch from the north.
Rose arch: Far behind
Welcome board at the entrance.

*** ER Shropshire Lass ***

Shropshire Lass bloomed beautifully
since the winter of this year
was not so cold
and climbing roses were not damaged.
Together with Clematis, Fujimusume.
Beautiful light purple clematis.

*** Red Garden ***

Roses in the Red corner.
Climbing rose: Violet,
with little dark red flowers.
ER Tess of the D'urbervilles
Impressive crimson rose.
The novel of the same title
written by Thomas Hardy
is one of my favorite books.

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