White rose, Gunsei

My Garden 2002


Though roses are always highlighted in my garden, in 2002 season the highlight of my garden was Honeysuckle. Pierre de Ronsard could somehow bloom out of the flowers of Honeysuckle.
The east arch is not covered with roses, since roses are damaged by the winter coldness. It may be better to rely on Clematis Alpina Willy and Honeysuckle as the decoration of the east arch. You don't have to grow Honeysuckle carefully. It is very tough!


*** East Arch with Honeysuckle and Constance Spry ***


Pierre de Ronsard
The outside of the flower is red
and the inside is deep yellow.
Honeysuckle is constantly
flowering till Autumn.
Strong fragrant.
A potted climbing rose, Pierre de Ronsard.
Honeysuckle is more colorful than Pierre,
but Pierre may think he is the best!

*** East garden ***

Old rose garden

The main roses in the east garden
are old roses: Alba Maxima,
Mme. Hardy, etc.
Mainly white old roses.

White and blue garden
Tall floweres are must for a three dimentional garden.
White foxgloves and Delphiniums
are high and beautiful this year.
My garden becomes a white and blue garden
in this season of the year.

*** West garden ***

I will not use deep yellow flowers in my main garden, since it is a difficult color to coordinate with other flowers.
However, I tried arranging a soft yellow rose in the west garden recently. Soft yellow looks romantic with other soft color flowers.

Yellow rose: ER Teasing Georgia
Romantic garden
Right bottom, Lavender Dream.
Left bottom, ER Lilac rose.
This is a purple corner of my garden.

Geranium American Blue

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