My Garden 2001


@ The highlights of 2001 season were climbing roses.
They grew taller and finally they were in full bloom, along side the wood terrace and the one side of the arch.
The west arch was covered with so many purple flowers of Veilchenbrau. Don't ask about the east arch. As for the east arch, it had no climbing roses again, since the rose I grew partly withered because of the coldness of winter as usual...


*** West Arch and East Arch ***

West arch, Veilchenblau
The purple shade of Veilchenbau appeared at last
on the one side of the west arch.
East arch, Pierre de RonsardThe rose of the arch always withers!
So I put Pierre de Ronsard grown in pot every year.

*** Wooden Terrace ***

Weeden terrace
On the right, ER Constance Spry.
How cute they are with deep cup floweres.
ER Perdita and Baltimore Belle
On the left side wall, the white large roses below, ER Perdita.
Heroine's name of The Winter's tale of Shakespeare.
The center of the flower is apricot color.
Baltimore Belle
On the left side wall, on the trellis, Baltimore Bell.
I chose this rose because they said it "very hard."
When it bloomed, I became so happy! How cute!
With blushed buds!

*** Yellow and Blue corner ***

ER Graham Thomas
Yellow corner of my garden
with ER Graham Thomas and Clematis Durandii.

*** Small Flowers ***

***** I grow small flowers from seeds inside the house from February to April.
Even in April it is so cold outside the house in Hokkaido. I plant them in the late May beside the roses. It takes so much time and energy!
In spring my living room looks like a glass room. *****

Viola on the photo grew naturally.
Petunia, Prime time light blue
I like silver leaf plants.
Most of them survive winter of Hokkaido.
Artemisia Powis Castle (behind) and
Dusty Miller (front) are my favorites.

*** Flower Pots ***

Apricot color of the front is Verbena Peaches and Cream.
They are so beautiful with silver leaf and lime leaf plants.

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